Tamara Keck Virtual Assistance



Tamara Keck Virtual Assistance

Another day staring at your computer screen

holding your morning beverage already overwhelmed

with your ever-growing to-do list.

Things are coming at you in every…single…direction,

and you’re stressed out, losing sleep

and need the world to stop

just to catch your breath.

Wasting your day running the backend of your business

wishing you could snap your fingers

and make it all go away.

Launched your business with the dream of calling the shots,

spending the day your way, only to find

your business has gone rogue and taken over your life.



Tamara Keck Virtual AssistanceME

Lover of all things back office

Ruler of can-do attitude
Bouncer of uninvited chaos

Organizational grease-monkey
that will get your processes going like a well-oiled machine

I’m your behind the scenes powerhouse
moving every single nitpicky project forward with freakish attention to detail

so you can…

focus on the important things in your life

I get it…

Tamara Keck Virtual Assistance

You need me to help you with…

Uploading and publishing your WordPress or Wix blog

Setting up and scheduling your newsletter

Getting your social media accounts set up and content management rolling out regularly

so things get done on time…



Tamara Keck Virtual Assistance

Isn’t it time that we…

your blog upload and optimized

Hand Off your social media updates

ENSURE that everything is done on time, every time!

Above all…

I’ll take over all those time-sucking office tasks that are


Tamara Keck Virtual Assistance

controlling your life,

preventing you from making more money

and living the life of your dreams.

(After all, isn’t that why you went into business for yourself in the first place?)


Contact me today to schedule a complimentary 20-minute sessionTamara Keck Virtual Assistance

I’ll show you exactly how I can help you
get your life back in balance starting TODAY!