Tamara Keck Virtual Assistance



Are you the type of entrepreneur who only needs occasional help with certain projects or tasks?


Or perhaps you’re new to this whole entrepreneurial world, and you haven’t a clue what to outsource or when?


Your needs don’t fall neatly into one of my current packages of services?


My You’ve Got a Friend plan may be just what you need.


There are many necessary duties involved in running a business.

Whatever they are, you don’t need to waste your precious time sitting behind a computer doing them.

Not when you’ve got a friend like me!


If you are doing something that is preventing you from…


increasing your sales

making more money

living your life

strutting your stuff

We need to talk.


Whatever is keeping you from building the abundant life you deserve…


step aside…I’ve got this!


It’s time to stop feeling overwhelmed with everything you have to do.


Schedule a 20 minute “get to know you” call

and let’s see what we can do together to get your sanity back!


Tamara Keck Virtual Assistance