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Tamara is really friendly, patient, calm and seeks to understand the client. She worked diligently so that we were
on the same page through each step of the process. “

Heather Bischoff- Dragonfly Direction
Indianapolis, IN



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“Tammy is an outstanding team player who does not hesitate to get the job done.  Working with her means the job
gets done, without drama or fanfare. She is calm under pressure and is not easily swayed from finding a solution.
In fact, she doesn’t give up and is determine to find an answer. She is truly an essential member of any team.”

Beth Jenneman, Carmel Clay Public Library
Carmel, IN



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“Tammy is a loyal and dedicated person, which has not only gained my respect, but the respect of other executives and peers in our organization. She is known as the person you can count on who will without a doubt follow through on her commitments. It is my belief that you will find her a joy and a pleasure to work with, and someone who will prove to be one of your most conscientious and dedicated supporters.“

 Robin Martial, TridentUSA Health Services
 Folsom, CA 



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“I hired Tammy to research resorts for my upcoming client retreat. Hiring her to do the legwork saved me hours of time. I was pleased to find she knew a lot more about the information I needed to ask from the resort than I did! She even went the extra mile and suggested I consider a lovely resort I hadn’t heard of, which turned out to be a great fit for my vision of the retreat.”

“The icing on the cake was that she reviewed all of the information the resorts provided and conveyed to me just the pertinent details that I needed in order to make my decision. I really appreciated this since it saved me from needing to comb through all the details of each RFP myself!”

Danielle Watson – The Purse Process
Bristow, VA


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