Take control of your life and make money while doing it, and I’m here to help you do just that.

You're Extraordinary!


Your unique perspective on life and the things

you’ve done and seen make YOU indispensable.

And now you’re ready to share with the world what you’ve learned

because that thing you do…

no one else can do it like you can!


And your unique talents…


But, there’s just ONE problem…

You're too busy...
You can’t help others because you’re too busy

sitting at your desk,

mulling through papers,

staring at a massive to-do list

that just keeps growing



 You need help!You’re buried…


and it’s impossible to help those you set out to help
when you created your business.

You’ve got to learn how to delegate so you can start
living your entrepreneurial dream.

That’s where I come in…

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My name is Tamara Keck

(but, you can call me Tammy as long as you don’t sing the song)

Here are 5 reasons why your business needs me today

I’m a 30+ year professional with executive level administrative experience.

That means I have been around the block more than once and know how to get things done on time, with a commitment to excellence.

“Tammy has been an essential member of our team. It takes a person with …”

I’ve supported multi-level executives in the corporate and nonprofit world.

I’m a natural multitasker and thrive working with people like you who really need someone who doesn’t require micromanaging,
instantly giving you the freedom to do things such as

meet with prospective clients,
enjoy a long lunch with a loved one,
or focus on your next big opportunity.

“Tamara is really friendly, patient, calm and seeks to understand the client. She worked…”

I’m an Oak Tree.

What does that have to do with helping your business?



Work with me and this powerful oak tree will be by your side providing you with unwavering dependability,
loyalty and a place to rest so you can take a break.

“Hiring her to do the legwork saved me hours and hour of time. I was pleased to find…”

An owl lives with me.

(Ok…stay with me here… not an actual owl, but sort of.)

As an owlish person I will look out for you. You can count on me to protect you and your business with ironclad confidentiality
and never give up on finding new ways to make your life easier.

“Tammy is known as a person you can count on and who will without a doubt…”

I’m a mother of four “adult” children.

(I have multitasking superpowers…enough said!)

I get it…


You want to get out there and help others to live a better life

while still enjoying yours.

That’s why I’m here…


Tamara Keck Virtual Assistant

I’m here to support you to help others by providing excellent service on time



You can call me your oak tree…

reliable, dependable, with unwavering devotion to you and your business.

I’ll nurture your business (after all, your business is your baby) so you can be free to get out there and…

live your life the way it was meant to be lived.